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Membership is based on the year beginning February 1 and is open to any interested party whether or not he or she owns a horse or whether the horse is an American Saddlebred.

Benefits of membership include:
1. Voting privileges on all issues
2. Each member receives the NCASHA newsletter which is printed several times each year and which includes information from all saddlebred barns in the area as well as information from individual members.
3. Each member is eligible for year-end High Point Awards awarded in each show division, as well as for pleasure riding. (SEE BELOW for more information)

Members also receive a discount on annual ASHA dues, which membership is required if you are entering Class A shows

Charter Bylaws can be viewed and downloaded by clicking on the document Charter Club Bylaws.

General membership meetings are held annually, and are held in conjunction with the Annual Awards Banquet.  The meetings review the treasury, information on past events, and are where decisions are made for Club involvement for the upcoming year.

There are 3 membership levels: Individual, Family, and Youth. Membership fees are assessed as of February 1 each year and are as follows:

Adult - $35               Family - $50              Youth - $20

To download a membership form for the current year click here: NCASHA Membership Form.  Send the completed membership form and payment of appropriate fee to the address indicated on the form. New members can apply at any time during the calendar year. 

We accept check, money order, cash or use the PayPal drop down link below.


NCASHA and ASHA Hight Point Programs
The American Saddlebred Horse Association, as well as its local Northern California Chapter, NCASHA, offer high point award programs to encourage the riding and showing of American Saddlebreds. Members of NCASHA are automatically eligible for ASHA Hight Point Awards.  Points are awarded for placement in multiple shows throughout the year.  The shows for which NCASHA points are awarded are determined by members present at the Annual General Meeting.

ASHA High Point Awards Program
There are many awards programs offered through the ASHA. This High Point program is specifically designed to recognize the achievements of all horses registered with the American Saddlebred Registry competing in all disciplines at all levels. It expands the eligibility requirements and variety of classes that can be counted toward an award.

Keep in mind: 

  • It is the responsibility of the rider/competitor/owner of the chosen horse to make sure a show under consideration for high point purposes is listed in the current year’s ASHA horse show data (choose All Competitions); if you cannot find your show, petition the manager (even for non-USEF licensed competitions) to notify ASHA as to the dates, location, and manager before the competition is held so that it can qualify as a high point show.
  • It is the responsibility of the rider/competitor/owner to notify the show manager that appropriate class results should be submitted to the ASHA no later than 10 days after the show and within the qualifying period of December 1 to November 30. It is also the exhibitor’s responsibility to check what has been submitted for accuracy.

NCASHA High Point Awards Program
In coordination with ASHA’s national programs, NCASHA’s role as a promoter and supporter of local Saddlebred ownership and enjoyment is highlighted through its own various high point programs.

  • High Point Award: Champion and Reserve High Point ASB Awards will be 
    given out each year. Horses must be shown in at least 2 of the NCASHA identified shows in any of the identified divisions. Exhibitors must be active NCASHA members. Points are accumulated during the calendar year, and awards are presented at the annual NCASHA Awards Banquet. NCASHA-sponsored show secretaries will automatically record all points. No action is required by the exhibitor. 

  • NCASHA Open Competition High Point: Champion and Reserve High Point Awards will be given out each year. Exhibitors must be active NCASHA members. To promote showing where Saddlebreds compete against other breeds, any competitive event is eligible as long as it is not restricted to Saddlebreds. Open classes in recognized ASB shows will NOT count toward this award. Exhibitors are responsible for sending their results into the NCASHA Secretary. Results received after October 15 will be counted toward the following year.
  • NCASHA Pleasure Riding Award: NCASHA wants to encourage those members who don’t yet own or choose not to show an ASB to ride and enjoy the breed. Points will be awarded for hours in the saddle…in any non-competitive activity, including riding lessons and trail riding. Rider is responsible for sending description and hour totals, as well as horse and owner name, to the NCASHA Secretary no later than October 15 to be counted in the current year.

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